The Great Southern Slam

Sirens TGSS teamThe Sirens have just returned from a wonderful adventure in Adelaide for The Great Southern Slam.

We had the absolute pleasure of playing two games. Our first with Inner West Roller Derby League and then with Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby League. A big shout out to these two fabulous leagues – it was challenging and FUN!

Absolutely the highlight of the weekend has to be watching and cheering very loudly for our sisters from the North of the State, Devil State Derby League who played all the way to the Grand Final! We couldn’t be happier for these girls who have trained so hard with fabulous results.


Southern Slaughter Highlights

Missed seeing us play in last week’s Southern Slaughter?

Our newest home teams, Hell’s Belles & Maul Teasers took on the Convict City Rollers home teams, Deadly Nightslay’s & Femmes Brutale

A special congrats to our skaters who made their debut on the night!
She-do Voodoo #66
Ravin’ Miss Behavin’ #601
BootieVicious #78
Smokey G-Force #57
Cinco de Mayhem #505
Mrs Robinson #9
Rippa Rita #54
MissFireBug #11
Arctic Fox #0°

Here is a bit of a recap on how it all went down. Thanks once again to Greg Mayne for his great work on the videos!

Bout 1 – Hell’s Belles (SIS) vs Deadly Nightslays (CCR)
Deadly Nightslays 158 def Hell’s Belles 70

Bout 2 – Maul Teasers (SIS) vs Femmes Brutale (CCR)
Maul Teasers 207 def Femmes Brutale 99

Fall for Us, Support Derby.

South Island Sirens are recruiting!
Come join us Monday 5 March, 6pm upstairs at the New Sydney Hotel, Bathurst St.
We will be hosting an Information Night for prospective members, with our 12 week Fresh Meat program beginning early May.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Hobart’s Premier Roller Derby League!  Skaters (18+), Referees, Associates (NSOs) and Supporters welcome!

Here is a little taster on what the Sirens and our awesome sport is all about….

Thanks go out to Grey Mayne for putting together our amazing video!

The South Island Sirens are Hobart’s Premier Roller Derby League, based in Tasmania, Australia.

We believe in our sport and in our league, acting at all times with integrity and respect. We train hard and provide a high level of individual attention to all of our members, leading to efficient training, the creation of tight knit teams, and mastery of the sport. We value respect and communication, and are proud to have an inclusive and supportive league.

Come roll with us!


Tasmania Roller Derby All-Star Team – Apple Betties vs VRDL’s Queen Bees


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For the first time in roller derby history a group of 16 passionate skaters from 3 Tasmanian roller derby leagues (Van Diemen Rollers, Convict City Rollers, South Island Sirens) have joined forces to travel to Victoria to take on the … Continue reading