About Derby

Image (c) Keiron Hayter Photography

Flat Track Roller Derby is a full contact sport predominantly played by women. There are two teams of five players which skate counter-clockwise around an oval track. The positions in Roller Derby are Blockers, Jammers and Pivots. Jammers in Roller Derby try to get through the pack in order to score pionts for each person that they pass cleanly.

Blockers must stop the opposing Jammer from getting past while simultaneously assisting their own Jammer to get through the pack and score points. Pivots are a Blocker and also a strategic pace setter for each team.

Games are called Bouts. A bout will go for 2 periods of 30 minutes each commonly with a 15 minutes break in between.

Within each period, there can be any number of “Jams”. A Jam can go for up to 2 minutes with a 30 second pause between them to changeover players.

There is a penalty bench with penalties being served for illegal moves such as use of elbows, blocking (pushing) to the back, tripping, insubordination. Some illegal moves will send you straight to the Sin Bin while others will earn you a minor penalty. Once 4 minors have been called on a single player, they are sent to the Bin. Players can expect a penalty of one to two minutes. Immediate expulsion from the game can also occur for gross misconduct.

Click here to view a video that explains the basics of flat track roller derby.