About the Sirens

The South Island Sirens are Hobart’s Premier Roller Derby League, based in Tasmania, Australia. We believe in our sport and in our league, acting at all times with integrity and respect.  We train hard and provide a high level of individual attention to all of our members, leading to efficient training, the creation of tight knit teams, and mastery of the sport. We value respect and communication, and are proud to have an inclusive and supportive league.


We currently have two formal training sessions a week with many members arranging outdoor skate sessions in the afternoon and/or evening when formal training is not taking place. Training sessions go for 2 hours and include work on stance, falls, control, agility, endurance, speed, strategy, pack work, communication, blocking, hitting and theory.

Training Times:

Tuesdays at the YMCA, Glenorchy, 6.30-8.30pm

Wednesdays at Friends School, North Hobart, 6.30-8.30


Head Referee 'Ken Oath and his take on squats