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Could you be the next Siren?

South Island Sirens run regular freshmeat programs for beginner Roller Derby!

Please register now if you are interested in joining. We are always looking for derby girls and referees both of whom need to have an ability to skate as well as non-skating officials to assist with tracking penalties and scores, managing the penalty bin and many other roles. Ever considered yourself to be an announcer or perhaps you’d like to man our merch on game days?

It takes much more than just some chicks on wheels to make a derby bout possible so whether you can skate or not, there is definitely a role for you in our league.

Skating experience is not essential.

What you need

Gear you will need to purchase:

1 x pair of quad roller skates (no rollerblades/in-line skates)
1 x pair of wrist guards
1 x pair of elbow pads
1 x pair of knee pads
1 x helmet
1 x mouth guard

we can usually help out with loan gear to get you started!

No Siren will be allowed to participate in training if s/he doesn’t have all of the above. It’s for your own safety and way cheaper than a trip to the doctor or dentist.

How much time will it take up?

Roller derby is a big commitment: it’s like a second (or third) job. You’ll be expected to attend league practices for around 2 hours twice a week plus semi-regular outdoors skates dependant on weather. As we are a skater run organisation, we also require everyone to work on a committee to remain an active member. We’re not telling you this to scare you, but we want to be honest: If the time commitment is too much, maybe being a skater (that includes referees!) isn’t the right fit for you right now. Please consider being a time-keeper, volunteer, stat keeper, photographer, promoter…the list goes on and on. But despite the time commitment, any Derby Girl will tell you that it is completely worth it. And you instantly have over 30 brothers and sisters in Hobart and over 16,000 around the world!

You will be required to attend at least 75% of trainings a month, pay your fees on time and participate in the skill share areas that you mark on your membership form when you join. Think of them as a committee that kicks into gear as the need arises rather than having continual meetings week after week but no real action.

How can I prepare for training?

Derby Girls are athletes first and foremost, so work on your fitness off skates as well.  Increase your endurance and strengthen those leg and core muscles – you’re going to need them!

Some of the things you will be working on at training are:

Basic skills:

  • Falling safely
  • Forward skating
  • Power stride (getting the most out of each push)
  • Gliding on one foot at a time
  • Crossovers
  • Balance
  • Squats

Derby Skills:

  • Skating low (derby stance)
  • Plough Stop
  • T-stop
  • Blocking strength


  • Number of laps in 2 minutes


  • Attitude
  • Basic knowledge of the sport
  • Ability to listen and apply new knowledge


The learning how to give and take hits part will begin after you’ve passed the minimum skills and theory tests. Provided that you have been attending training regularly, practicing in your own time and studying the rules, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to pass the test. No one fails – some just need more time.