Southern Slaughter Highlights

Missed seeing us play in last week’s Southern Slaughter?

Our newest home teams, Hell’s Belles & Maul Teasers took on the Convict City Rollers home teams, Deadly Nightslay’s & Femmes Brutale

A special congrats to our skaters who made their debut on the night!
She-do Voodoo #66
Ravin’ Miss Behavin’ #601
BootieVicious #78
Smokey G-Force #57
Cinco de Mayhem #505
Mrs Robinson #9
Rippa Rita #54
MissFireBug #11
Arctic Fox #0°

Here is a bit of a recap on how it all went down. Thanks once again to Greg Mayne for his great work on the videos!

Bout 1 – Hell’s Belles (SIS) vs Deadly Nightslays (CCR)
Deadly Nightslays 158 def Hell’s Belles 70

Bout 2 – Maul Teasers (SIS) vs Femmes Brutale (CCR)
Maul Teasers 207 def Femmes Brutale 99

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