Tasmania Roller Derby All-Star Team – Apple Betties vs VRDL’s Queen Bees

For the first time in roller derby history a group of 16 passionate skaters from 3 Tasmanian roller derby leagues (Van Diemen Rollers, Convict City Rollers, South Island Sirens) have joined forces to travel to Victoria to take on the Victorian Roller Derby League’s – The Queen Bees.

This is the first bout in a massive double header which sees the Victorian Roller Derby League All-Stars take on the Rat City Rollers All-Star Team from Seattle, USA.

The Apple Betties are:

X-Tremme Carnage #19 (captain) VDR
SpiderBite #x8 SIS
Landcruiser # 4×4 VDR
Alabama Hurley #13 SIS
Original Sindy #20 SIS
Vanessa Shredgrave #21 CCR
Ames Atcha #25 VDR
Han Grenade # 30 VDR
Blitz’n Bill #44 CCR
Duchess of Hazard # 52 VDR
Untamable Mable #77 SIS
FreekyPeep #333 SIS
Bust’n Bruiz-Her # 249 VDR
Buster Briggs #808 CCR
Whore Moanal #2 SIS
SplatterBerry #6 SIS
(Coach) Wayne Olson VDR
(Bench Manager) Knixie Knox’em VDR


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